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My name is Benjamin Zachey and I welcome you to my side . For introducing myself: I'm 23 years old and I create music for 8 years.

Starting with the most easiest beginner programs, like Dance Ejay or TechnoMaker, I changed on more professional programs, like Fruity Loops or Cubase.

However my intention is to include hardware components from sound studio, cause the previous named products are absolutely software applications. Unfortunately there was no opportunities to do this up to now.

But cause of having so mutch fun by producing songs with PC, I keep working with it.

Furthermore I think that the results are really good, but you should get your own opinion...

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On this side you find my whole works from 1998 up to the present and some of them can be listened or downloaded.

I would be very glad, if you listen or even download some of my songs and give me your Feedback.

For this you find a guestbook, where you can also post your impressions of this side or questions.

Furthermore still a lot of fun by checking my side...



  • My newest project goes in the music direction HipHop/R&B, in which I didnt create pretty mutch so far. So you should be excited to see it.

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    To get your music flavor, I created some short soundtracks (loops) in different music directions.
    I would be very delighted, if you listen to some of them and tell me your favorites. In view of the results, I'm going to try to make my future soundtracks in the music direction of the most voted one.




    Dance / Eurodance

    00:43 min

    Drum & Bass

    00:52 min

    Freestyle / Breakdance

    00:45 min

    Hip Hop

    00:36 min


    00:13 min


    00:37 min

    Soft / Ballade

    00:47 min


    00:25 min


    00:40 min

    Which loop do you prefer?


    complete songs

    songs 1998-2000 (Dance Ejay 2)
    These songs come from my "beginning period" and are made with DanceEjay/DanceEjay 2. People who worked with DanceEjay know that this program is really not a professional program for music productions. The samples are all given and you have no chance to use any effects like flanger, phaser or filters. The published songs on this page contain only few samples given by DanceEjay, just the beat, drums and effect samples were used. Melodies and basses are own compositions.

    songs 2000-2003 (TechnoMaker XXL)
    These songs come from my "advanced period" and are made with TechnoMaker XXL. TechnoMaker XXL is again not really professional, however it already offers very much. Beside given samples, this program has an integrated BeatandDrumMaschine (BDM) in which you have the chance to composite your own beats, melodies, effects and basses yourselve. Furthermore you can implement flanger, phaser and filter effects. The negative features at this program, which disturbed me and taked me to newer and more professional programs were that this program was very unstable and it has required much hard disk space.

    songs 2003-2006 (FL Studio)
    These songs come from my "professional period" and are made with Fruity Loops / FL Studio. Fruity Loops is really one of the most complex programs for music productions, which I have ever seen. It offers many effects, many plugins (which are also used by other programs like Cubase and Rebirth) and it is very user friendly. Fruity Loops does not have given samples, all beats and melodies must be created in patterns. Although I have used other programs like Cubase and Rebirth, I'm still working with FL Studio, because working with this program makes a lot of fun and I'm getting nice results, as I find ;).


    title : Best of Vol. 1

    date of completion : 21.08.04

    date of publication : -

    songs : list

    description : My first album, which contains my best works in 2 years. Because of working in many music directions, I have included songs to each music direction, so it contains songs for everybody. The date of publication is unknown. If you are interrested, you can send me an email.

    title : Best of Freestyle

    date of completion : -

    date of publication : -

    songs : -

    description : My second album, which contains my best freestyle and hiphop songs. However it is still in process.
    Benjamin Zachey
    13359 Berlin
    Email: benjamin_zachey@yahoo.de